Motorcycle and auto Insurance quotes in San Marcos, Tx

Your Guide to Motorcycle Insurance Motorcycle and auto Insurance quotes in San Marcos Tx

If you own a motorcycle, then insurance is an absolute necessity. It is a requirement by law and it gives you peace of mind as you ride on roads out there. While you hope for the best, you are prepared for the worst. With good motorcycle insurance you can have the ability to pay for any liabilities you incur while on the road. So, which insurance is right for your motorcycle? 

Do You Really Need Motorcycle Insurance?

 Yes, the state of Texas and all other states in the country have laws that require every motorcycle to have valid insurance. Insurance is mainly regarded as proof of your ability to shoulder responsibility in case of accidents.

 How much insurance do you need? This differs from one state to another but the minimum insurance requirements for motorcycles are usually the same as cars. In Texas, the minimum liabilities are $25,000 for property damage and $30,000 for covering personal injuries for each person involved in an accident. When choosing the insurance plan to buy, go for what offers more than the minimum. Always opt for insurance coverage that can offset the costs of an accident you may have in the future.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

 There are various types of motorcycle insurance:

 1. Liability insurance – This covers damage you may cause to others in the case of an accident. It covers medical fees and property damage. It also covers legal fees if you are sued.

 2. Collision insurance – This covers your motorcycle in case of an accident involving a collision. This may be colliding with a tree, car or any other object.

 3. Comprehensive insurance – This policy will cover damage to the motorcycle caused by theft, vandalism, fire, etc. It covers the cost of damages that may arise from any cause — except collisions. 

 4. Personal injury protection – This covers your medical expenses in case you are injured in an accident. Some policies include passengers while others do not. Be sure to read the details of your insurance so you understand what it entails.

 5. Uninsured motorist coverage – You may be a person who has purchased insurance but you cannot assume everyone else is being just as safe. There are motorists who do not have insurance policies or those who are not afraid to flee from the scene of an accident. Having uninsured motorist coverage will keep you protected if you are involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured. Your damages will be paid for by the insurer.

 These are the basic insurance types every motorcycle owner should have. You may also opt for extras like custom parts and equipment coverage, trip interruption coverage, or even total loss coverage to name a few.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Insurance

 Most car insurance companies will have motorcycle insurance as well. Visit different insurance sites to see the different options for motorcycle coverage. Before settling on the insurance provider to work with, get several quotes. Choose the one that offers the most benefits for a fair price. Some of the details you will need to provide when you request a quote are:

 • The model, make, and year of motorcycle.

 • Motorcycle driving licensure duration.

 • Average annual mileage.

 Motorcycle insurance is both a legal requirement and a personal necessity. With good coverage, you can ride without worries. Knowing that you are protected gives ease of mind regardless of whether your motorbike is for everyday use or weekend excursions.

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