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As a property owner in Wimberley, TX, it’s vital to have dependable homeowners insurance to defend your what matters most. Although we all hope that misfortune never strikes, the peace of mind provided by knowing you’re properly insured in case of an emergency is invaluable.

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    What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

    Whether you already have a home insurance policy and are searching for better options or you’re in the process of buying your first home and you’re starting the procedure, it is necessary to understand what all a homeowners plan protects against–and what it does not. Most home insurance plans provide coverage for property damages due to fire, lightning strikes, windstorms, vandalism, burglary, and other incidents. Most likewise include liability protection for mishaps that cause injuries to others and legal fees incurred if anyone sues you after being hurt as a result of negligence.

    Items commonly included in plans:

    A house protected by home insurance in Wimberley, TX

    Dwelling Coverage

    Dwelling coverage protects your house and the cost of repairs if damage occurs.

    Close up photo of Phone and a Watch

    Replacement Cost Coverage

    Replacement cost coverage protects the personal belongings inside of your house.

    $30,000 Minimum

    Personal Liability Coverage

    Liability coverage protects you in the case of a lawsuit due to others being injured on your property.

    Securing homeowners insurance is often a prerequisite set by mortgage lenders before they’ll agree to finance your home. This measure helps protect the lender’s interest in case of property damage by ensuring repair costs will be covered in the event of an incident.

    Whether you’re stepping into the role of homeowner for the first time, relocating to another house, or searching for cost-effective yet comprehensive coverage options, choosing an economical homeowners insurance plan should be high on your list of priorities.

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    Named Perils Insurance Policies

    Named perils policies clearly outline the specific risks that are covered. Should your property or personal items suffer damage from any listed peril in your policy, you’ll be eligible for coverage. Conversely, damages caused by risks not included in the list won’t be covered. These types of insurance plans are usually more affordable but offer less comprehensive protection compared to broader policies. It’s essential to carefully consider your options before making a decision.

    Hand holding hail stones in a home's yard

    Basic Form (HO-1)

    At its core, Basic Form home insurance offers minimalistic protection and is considered the least extensive among policy types. It covers your dwelling against certain widespread hazards (outlined below), but excludes much else—including any losses due to theft and break-ins as well as damages caused by non-specified perils. Such a pared-down policy could be fitting for those with significant budget limitations or for properties that are either dilapidated or empty since it typically incurs lower monthly costs relative to more expansive insurance plans.

    Burglar breaking into a home

    Broad Form (HO-2)

    A more comprehensive level of named perils policies, known as broad form insurance, builds upon standard form coverage by incorporating additional specified perils (listed below). While this plan addresses a wider range of potential damages, it is not as inclusive as higher-tier policies. Broad form covers everything included in a basic form policy, while also accounting for destruction caused by burglars breaking into your home; however, it often excludes reimbursement for the actual monetary value of any stolen property.

    All-Risk Insurance Policies

    All-risk (or open peril) plans are expansive in nature, safeguarding against all but the explicitly listed exceptions within the policy. If you’re in an area susceptible to any of the typically excluded risks noted below, it’s a good idea to explore additional coverage possibilities with your insurance professional.

    Lawyer putting documents into a briefcase to prepare a lawsuit

    Special Form (HO-3)

    Across Wimberley (and the nation), special form coverage is favored by many homeowners for its comprehensive insurance protection. These policies shield your home from a wide array of potential dangers—apart from those expressly mentioned as exclusions—and include coverage for instances of personal property loss. These policies also help protect you against legal claims if an individual gets hurt on your property and may offer financial aid to cover temporary housing costs while your home undergoes repairs due to a covered incident.

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    Comprehensive Form (HO-5)

    Opting for a comprehensive form policy means investing more compared to other property insurance plans; however, the range of coverage is significantly greater. It ensures extensive protection against physical damage to your home and possessions, and it covers a range of valuable items from loss or damage, such as fine art or jewelry (though a separate policy might be required for full value reimbursement). In addition to protecting your belongings, these plans often include liability coverage for potential lawsuits, and can help with extra costs like temporary housing if needed. Despite its premium price tag, this type of insurance offers critical support in the event of a crisis.

    Other Types of Home Insurance

    While we’ve covered typical homeowner’s insurance plans, it’s important to note specialized coverage exists for non-standard living spaces such as mobile homes and heritage houses. Additionally, tenants should look into renters’ insurance which serves to reimburse them for any personal items that get stolen or damaged in a rental scenario.

    Mobile home on a beach

    Mobile Home Form Insurance (HO-7)

    Mobile residence insurance—also known as mobile home form coverage—is crafted in parallel with typical homeowners policies, yet it distinctively targets the needs of those with manufactured or movable living spaces. This coverage is essential for safeguarding your mobile home from unexpected dangers, potential litigation issues, and expenses related to sudden relocations. Additionally, if your usage of the mobile home is occasional (such as using it as a vacation home), specific policies tailored for these situations are available.

    Historical home in the suburbs

    Older Home Form Insurance (HO-8)

    The charm of an older home comes with increased insurance costs when compared to new builds due to various risk factors. Owners of these venerable dwellings, or those classified as historic, may find themselves needing specialized insurance coverage at elevated premiums. Outmoded features like aging wiring or old plumbing can be sources of potential damage within these homes, and a lack of adherence to contemporary building codes in these residences could cause problems down the line that require further repairs.

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    The Named Perils

    As stated in the insurance coverage described above, there are named perils that various types of home insurance plans will cover. Depending on what form of insurance coverage you select, your home and property might be protected against damage brought on by these situations—this will be identified after filing your claim.

    Basic Form Coverage

    Most basic form policies will cover at least these perils:




    Wind & Hail

    Smoke & Ash

    Aircraft & Vehicle



    Sinkhole Collapse

    Volcanic Eruptions

    Broad Form Coverage

    Broad form policies will generally cover the basic perils, along with:

    Burglary / Theft

    Water Damage

    Falling Objects

    Weight of Ice, Snow, Sleet


    Common Exclusions

    While many or each of the named perils outlined above are covered by homeowners insurance policies (depending on what plan you opt for), there are specific exclusions that aren’t covered by all-risk plans unless you include additional insurance coverage to your plan. If you reside in areas where any of these events take place (floods are a possible issue in San Marcos and various areas of Central Texas so flood insurance coverage might be smart), it’s a good idea to discuss added protection options for these perils with your insurance agent.



    Power Failure


    War / Terrorism

    Intentional Acts

    Ordinance or Law

    Choosing the Right Home Insurance in Wimberley, TX

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      Selecting the appropriate home insurance policy can be a daunting task. There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration, including your current economic situation. It is essential to pick a plan that will not adversely affect your present and future finances. On the other hand, you need to ensure you have ample coverage to shield your home in the event of damage, or you might be looking at expensive repairs that may not be covered.

      Regardless of what kind of home insurance coverage you choose to opt for, it’s necessary to understand what your different deductibles will be, as each insurance deductible can differ depending on what type of damage or loss has occurred.

      A good method to find out the ideal balance of protection vs. cost is to talk with a local, trustworthy insurance agent. They can help you weigh your choices and discuss the pros & cons and costs of various plans to assist with crafting the right protection plan for your requirements, goals, and budget.

      You can commonly save even more on your homeowners policy if you bundle it with other insurance (such as vehicle insurance), so make sure to look at these options when you talk about insurance protection options with your insurer. If you’re searching for an insurance company in Wimberley that you can trust, Matt Patterson Insurance Agency is ready to help. From home coverage to renters insurance, vehicle insurance, to business insurance and life insurance, we’ve been proudly serving residents throughout Wimberley and Central Texas for years. Call us today to review your requirements!

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