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If you require car insurance in Wimberley, Texas, Matt Patterson Insurance Agency has you covered. We have the plan you need at reasonable rates. No matter if you’re trying to find complete protection or just want sufficient coverage to stay compliant on the road, we’ll ensure you get a cost effective monthly plan that matches your budget and gives you protection you can count on. We provide competitive car insurance prices that make it easy to remain compliant.

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    Liability Coverage

    On this page you’ll see an overview of the most common kinds of vehicle insurance policy protection that Texans count on to keep themselves protected when driving. Liability Insurance coverage helps cover damages you may cause when driving in case of a car collision. It’s required in the state of Texas, and has two primary parts:

    $30,000 Minimum

    Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

    In Texas, by law you must have insurance protection that covers bodily injury in the event of an accident. you must have at least $30,000 of insurance coverage per person for these sorts of injuries, up to an overall of $60,000 per accident. While these limits will cover you for most accidents where physical harm happens, it may be worth obtaining a bit more protection if it’s within your budget.

    $25,000 Minimum

    Property Damage Liability Coverage

    If you get in a car crash that results in property damages and you’re found to be liable, you require coverage that pays for replacement or repair of the property. This is required in Texas, so make sure you have it on your plan. The minimum required protection is $25,000, though it’s a good idea to think about greater limits in the event you unintentionally damage expensive property.

    Collision Coverage

    As the name suggests, collision insurance covers your own vehicle in the event that you end up in a wreck. Whether you’re in a collision with a different motor vehicle or you wreck into an object, such as a tree, your car collision insurance policy assists with covering the expenses required to restore your car or truck. It is crucial to understand that this sort of auto insurance coverage does not protect against hitting wildlife.

    Let’s Take a Look at Your Auto Insurance Options

    Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    While every driver on the road is mandated to have auto insurance in Texas, some might not be complying with the law. Uninsured motorist insurance coverage can save the day if you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have an insurance provider protecting their car and themselves. If the other motorist is at fault but is uninsured, or if they do not have sufficient coverage to fix the damage, or if they hit and run, you’re covered.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    Comprehensive insurance coverage is fantastic to carry, as it can shield you against a many unanticipated issues and keep you out of debt on the occasion that your car is damaged during events that do not necessarily include a collision. From fire to burglary, to wrecks involving wild animals such as deer, a comprehensive insurance policy can keep you on the road.

    Specialized Coverage

    There are many types of coverage that fall under special classes or as extra insurance that can help keep you protected in various scenarios. Here’s a quick look at three of the most common types.

    Classic Car in great condition

    Classic Car Insurance

    If your hobbies consist of collectible or vintage vehicles, you’ll want an unique kind of policy to keep them protected. This classic insurance resembles conventional coverage, yet it has some features that help it fit more niche needs. This kind of insurance coverage has a tendency to set you back a bit more than a regular typical vehicle insurance policy rate, but that’s not necessarily the situation.

    Interior view of a driver in a car

    Rental Reimbursement Insurance

    You may realize it is hard to get around without spending a lot of money if you’re stuck without a car after a collision. Ride-share services are wonderful, but they might be pricey if you depend on them daily while your vehicle remains in the repair shop. Paying for a lease can be costly, as well, so rental compensation helps you cover the fees until your car is fixed.

    Person on crutches

    Personal Injury Protection Insurance

    You’ll likely wind up with some unplanned expenses if you require medical assistance after a wreck. Worse, if you’re incapable of working due to your injuries, it can be challenging to come up with the money you need to stay stay afloat while you get back on your feet. PIP insurance coverage helps cover medical bills so you can breathe easy while you recover.

    Ready to Get the Coverage You Need?

    How Much Does Car Insurance in Wimberley TX Cost?

    Your insurance policy rate will vary based upon a range of factors, including your age, the sort of vehicle you need covered, your driving history, credit score, the coverage you you’re interested in, the insurance deductible you’re able to pay, and more. Every auto insurance provider will charge different rates, so getting multiple car insurance policy quotes can be a good idea.

    Car keys on top of insurance paperwork

    30/60/25 Insurance Policies

    You’ll simply need a 30/60/25 insurance coverage policy to remain legal when driving if you’re interested in the lowest-cost vehicle insurance and don’t want extra coverage. Wit this, you’ll have a policy that covers $30,000 for injury or fatality (per person), $60,000 overall protection for fatality and injury (per accident), and $25,000 for property damages (per crash).

    Extra Peace of Mind

    Extra Protection

    If you can manage marginally higher auto insurance coverage premiums, you may choose more coverage, as the minimums might be too low if you find yourself in a multi-car crash or if you total somebody’s car. When you’ve covered your deductible and maxed out the coverage, any excess costs will have to be paid out of pocket, which may cause financial stress.

    Get the Right Coverage

    Contact a helpful auto insurance agent at Matt Patterson Insurance Agency today to discuss your goals! We ‘d love to hear from you so we can help identify which choices are most ideal based on your unique requirements. We can also consider options for a discounted rate, from combining plans for different cars or other insurance (home insurance, life insurance, and so on) if needed to provide you with the most affordable vehicle insurance policy rates around. You can additionally find out about bonus services such as roadside assistance, which can help with lockouts or transporting your car to a repair shop if required.

    Request a quote using the form provided here or call us at (512) 757–8700. We’d love to be the insurance provider you can count on for all your needs!

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