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For homeowners in Kyle, TX, securing a comprehensive home insurance policy is essential for protecting your most significant investment. It’s comforting to know that you have protection in place should an unexpected event occur.

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    What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

    If you currently have home insurance and you’re trying to find more ideal alternatives, or if you’re starting the process of purchasing your very first home and starting the process of finding the ideal insurance, it’s essential to comprehend the extent of insurance coverage offered by home owners plans–and what is not covered. Many homeowners insurance policies supply protection for property destruction due to fire, lightning strikes, windstorms, vandalism, theft, and various other incidents. Additionally, most plans provide liability coverage for accidents causing injuries to others and related legal costs if you are sued because of negligence.

    Policies generally cover these items:

    A house covered by home insurance in Kyle, TX.

    Dwelling Coverage

    Dwelling coverage protects your house and the cost of repairs if damage occurs.

    Close up photo of Phone and a Watch

    Replacement Cost Coverage

    Replacement cost coverage protects the personal belongings inside of your house.

    $30,000 Minimum

    Personal Liability Coverage

    Liability coverage protects you in the case of a lawsuit due to others being injured on your property.

    Before a mortgage lender will greenlight your home loan, they’ll typically require you to have homeowners insurance in place. This is to protect their investment in your property by ensuring that if any damage occurs, there’s coverage available for repairs, which helps them avoid financial losses.

    For individuals who are purchasing their first home, moving to a new house, or simply seeking better insurance terms at a lower rate, finding an affordable homeowners insurance policy is crucial to help you safeguard your financial well-being and avoid potential future troubles.

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    Named Perils Insurance Policies

    Named perils coverage is straightforward regarding its scope of protection. If a peril that’s named in your insurance agreement damages your residence or possessions, you will receive coverage for those losses. On the flip side, should damage arise from a risk not specified in your policy, such coverage won’t apply. Although these policies tend to be more budget-friendly, they offer narrower protection than their comprehensive counterparts; thus, it’s crucial to deliberate on your insurance needs prior to making a choice.

    Hand holding hail stones in a home's yard

    Basic Form (HO-1)

    Basic form coverage represents the narrowest scope within home insurance offerings, safeguarding against only a few specified common perils (identified below) and little else. Losses resulting from incidents like theft or break-ins aren’t covered, nor are damages from risks not itemized in the policy. If your budget is tight, or if you own a property that’s either in disrepair or currently vacant, this low-cost option may be a good choice due to its reduced rates compared to more robust alternatives.

    Burglar breaking into a home

    Broad Form (HO-2)

    Broad form policies expand upon basic form policies by adding several specific perils (which are listed below) to its coverage. It offers a broader scope of protection against various damages, yet it doesn’t provide the full extent of security that more advanced policies do. In addition to covering all risks named in the basic policy, broad form also includes coverage for damage due to burglary attempts, although it typically does not pay out the real cash value for items taken during such incidents.

    All-Risk Insurance Policies

    Comprehensive insurance policies—often referred to as open perils or named exclusions policies—stand out for their extensive protection against a wide variety of risks, except for those specifically stated in the policy. Below you will find a rundown of standard exclusions. If your home is in an area that is more prone to these listed exclusions, it’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about potentially expanding your coverage.

    Lawyer putting documents into a briefcase to prepare a lawsuit

    Special Form (HO-3)

    Special form coverage is a leading option for homeowners insurance in Kyle and the surrounding areas. This type of policy ensures protection for your house from a broad spectrum of risks, with certain exceptions clearly outlined as not covered. It also addresses damage to specific personal assets, legal liability in case someone sustains an injury on your property, and it can provide financial support for alternative living arrangements should a covered hazard force you to leave your home.

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    Comprehensive Form (HO-5)

    When it comes to property insurance, comprehensive plans come at a higher price when compared to other policies. However, it offers unparalleled coverage that includes safeguarding your home and personal items from harm and theft, coverage for legal fees and expenses in liability cases, and support for living expenses if you need to temporarily relocate after an incident. This policy also extends to cover potentially high-value losses such as expensive jewelry or artwork, though additional coverage may be necessary for complete protection of these assets. While more expensive than policies that provide less coverage, the safety net provided in the event of disaster is invaluable.

    Other Types of Home Insurance

    Standard homeowner’s insurance is common throughout Kyle; however, certain dwellings require more targeted policy options. Insurance tailored to mobile homes and historical properties addresses the unique needs and risks associated with these structures. For those who lease their homes, renters’ insurance is essential—it provides financial assistance to replace possessions that are stolen or damaged during tenancy.

    Mobile home on a beach

    Mobile Home Form Insurance (HO-7)

    Protection plans for mobile homes, also known as mobile home form coverage, provide a safety net similar to that of conventional homeowners policies, but they are specifically structured around the unique aspects of mobile and manufactured homes. Securing this type of insurance is crucial for mobile home owners to mitigate risks from unforeseen events, legal disputes, and costs incurred from having to move on short notice. If your mobile home is not your primary residence but rather a vacation spot or second home, you can explore insurance options intended for such secondary properties.

    Historical home in the suburbs

    Older Home Form Insurance (HO-8)

    Historical homes often come with higher insurance rates compared to their modern counterparts for several reasons. If you own an older or historic home, it’s likely you’ll need a unique insurance policy that carries a slightly higher premium for sufficient coverage. Issues such as antiquated electrical and plumbing systems can pose risks leading to potential damage. Moreover, the construction of many vintage homes didn’t conform to today’s safety regulations, which might result in additional repair needs—which can be costly.

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    The Named Perils

    As specified in the insurance policies described above, there are named perils that different types of home insurance will cover. Depending on what form of insurance policy you pick, your home and property might be covered for damages due to these circumstances—this will be determined after filing your claim.

    Basic Form Coverage

    Most basic form policies will cover at least these perils:




    Wind & Hail

    Smoke & Ash

    Aircraft & Vehicle



    Sinkhole Collapse

    Volcanic Eruptions

    Broad Form Coverage

    Broad form policies will cover the perils above, along with:

    Burglary / Theft

    Water Damage

    Falling Objects

    Weight of Ice, Snow, Sleet


    Common Exclusions

    While some or each of the named perils outlined above are covered by homeowners insurance policies (depending on what policy you choose), there are specific exclusions that aren’t covered by all-risk plans unless you include supplemental insurance coverage to your plan. If you live in locations where these events take place (floods are a possible issue in San Marcos and various areas of Central Texas so flood insurance coverage might be wise), it’s a good idea to talk about additional coverage choices for these hazards with your insurance agent.



    Power Failure


    War / Terrorism

    Intentional Acts

    Ordinance or Law

    Choosing the Ideal Home Insurance in Kyle, TX

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      Selecting the right home insurance policy can be an intimidating task. There are a lot of factors to consider, including your current economic situation. It’s important to select a plan that won’t negatively impact your present and future finances. On the other hand, you need to be sure you have ample coverage to shield your home in case of damage, or you might be looking at expensive repairs that might not be covered.

      Regardless of what kind of home insurance plan you choose to go with, it is essential to understand what your different deductibles will be, as each deductible can vary based on what kind of damage or loss has occurred.

      The best way to select the right balance of cost vs. protection is to talk with a trusted, local insurance agent. They can help you consider your options and go over the prices and advantages & downsides of various options to assist with deciding on the perfect protection plan for your needs, goals, and finances.

      You can often save more on your homeowners plan if you combine it with other insurance coverage (such as vehicle insurance), so make sure to think about these possibilities when you review insurance plan options with your insurance company. If you’re searching for an insurance company in Kyle that you can count on, Matt Patterson Insurance Agency is here to help. From home coverage to renters insurance, vehicle insurance, to life insurance and business insurance, we’ve been proudly serving residents throughout Kyle and Central Texas for years. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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