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For homeowners, securing comprehensive home insurance is pivotal in safeguarding your most valuable investment. While we don’t like to think mishaps can happen to us, having the confidence that your coverage will shield you during emergencies provides a sense of assurance that can’t be understated.

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    What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

    Whether you currently have home insurance and are looking for more fitting options or you are in the process of buying your very first home and you’re starting the process, it is essential to know what all homeowners plan includes–and what it doesn’t. The majority of home insurance plans offer protection for property damage caused by fire, lightning strikes, windstorms, vandalism, theft, and other incidents. The majority also incorporate liability protection for accidents involving injuries to others and legal expenses incurred if somebody sues you after being injured as a result of negligence.

    Items generally included in policies:

    A house protected by home insurance in Buda, TX.

    Dwelling Coverage

    Dwelling coverage protects your house and the cost of repairs if damage occurs.

    Close up photo of Phone and a Watch

    Replacement Cost Coverage

    Replacement cost coverage protects the personal belongings inside of your house.

    $30,000 Minimum

    Personal Liability Coverage

    Liability coverage protects you in the case of a lawsuit due to others being injured on your property.

    Most mortgage lenders mandate that you secure homeowners insurance prior to approving your home loan. This requirement is in place to ensure that if your property suffers damage, the lender’s financial interest is preserved and the necessary repairs can be made, rather than resulting in a loss.

    For new homeowners, those moving to a different residence, or anyone searching for improved coverage at a lower cost, selecting the right homeowners insurance policy helps ensure you’re covered. Taking proactive steps to establish this protection helps ensure economic stability and prevent potential headaches.

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    Named Perils Insurance Policies

    Policies that cover named perils provide clear-cut coverage terms. Damage to your home or personal items caused by any hazard specifically listed in the policy will be covered. However, if damage results from a hazard not mentioned within the policy document, there will be no coverage for that event. These policies are typically less expensive but also less inclusive than broader insurance options—making it important for homeowners to consider their risks and needs carefully before deciding.

    Hand holding hail stones in a home's yard

    Basic Form (HO-1)

    Basic form coverage is a fundamental plan that is the simplest and most restricted type of homeowners insurance available. It primarily ensures your property against a handful of standard risks (specified below), offering minimal additional benefits. This plan does not cover theft or burglary, nor will it provide protection for damage from perils not explicitly named in the policy. Opting for this basic coverage is advisable if finances are tight or if the property you’re insuring is unoccupied or in subpar condition, as its monthly cost tends to be more affordable than that of broader policies.

    Burglar breaking into a home

    Broad Form (HO-2)

    An enhanced form of named perils insurance, known as broad form coverage, includes a few more specified perils (outlined below) in addition to those covered by basic form policies. Although this policy extends its protection to a wider array of damages, it still falls short of the comprehensive coverage offered by premium policies. Broad form coverage ensures protection from all risks included in the basic policy and also addresses damage potentially inflicted during a burglary. However, it usually does not compensate for the actual cash value of items that have been stolen.

    All-Risk Insurance Policies

    All-risk policies (sometimes referred to as “named exclusions policies”) are more robust than named perils policies because they cover you for every peril except for exclusions that are explicitly named in your agreement. You can see a list of the most common exclusions below—if you live in an area where any of these excluded perils occur, it’s a good idea to discuss adding coverage for them with your insurance agent.

    Lawyer putting documents into a briefcase to prepare a lawsuit

    Special Form (HO-3)

    In Buda—and throughout Central Texas—special form coverage is often the go-to choice for homeowners insurance. This comprehensive policy defends your residence against numerous threats—excluding only those clearly itemized as exclusions—and covers select damages to personal belongings. It also encompasses liability for injuries occurring on your property, and it can help with temporary relocation costs while repairs are performed for damage caused by a covered peril.

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    Comprehensive Form (HO-5)

    When compared to other home insurance plans, comprehensive form policies carry a higher premium but deliver superior protection for both your property and personal items. These policies encompass a vast range of potential damages and provide liability coverage should legal actions arise from accidents occurring on your premises. They also help cover costs associated with temporary relocation and daily expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to covered perils. While you may need additional policies for certain high-value possessions such as artwork or fine jewelry, the overall financial safeguarding this plan offers could prove essential during emergencies.

    Other Types of Home Insurance

    While the above-mentioned policies represent the standard insurance coverage options for homeowners, there are alternative plans that offer protection for different types of housing. Key among these are insurance policies for mobile homes and historical residences. Those who rent instead of own should consider obtaining renters’ insurance to cover the value of personal belongings that may be lost or damaged while leasing a property.

    Mobile home on a beach

    Mobile Home Form Insurance (HO-7)

    Insurance for mobile homes, often referred to as mobile home form coverage, parallels the protection offered by a traditional homeowners policy but is tailored for mobile and manufactured housing units. Owners of such homes should consider this specialized insurance to defend against potential hazards, legal challenges, and the financial burden of having to relocate temporarily. For those who use their mobile home seasonally or as a getaway spot, there are alternative insurance solutions available that cater to these secondary residences.

    Historical home in the suburbs

    Older Home Form Insurance (HO-8)

    Insuring an older property typically costs more than covering a newly built home because of multiple risk factors involved with age and design standards from past eras. If your home is older (or considered to be historical), expect to invest in an enhanced insurance plan at a premium rate for comprehensive protection against possible damages stemming from dated infrastructure like electrical circuits or piping systems. Additionally, the absence of up-to-date building code compliance in these properties can lead to extra repairs, which may be considered in your quote.

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    The Named Perils

    As stated in the coverage options detailed above, there are named perils that various types of home insurance will cover. Depending on what form of insurance you choose, your home and property might be covered for damage brought on by these scenarios—this will be determined after filing a claim.

    Basic Form Coverage

    Most basic form policies will cover at least these perils:




    Wind & Hail

    Smoke & Ash

    Aircraft & Vehicle



    Sinkhole Collapse

    Volcanic Eruptions

    Broad Form Coverage

    Broad form policies will cover the perils above, plus the following:

    Burglary / Theft

    Water Damage

    Falling Objects

    Weight of Ice, Snow, Sleet


    Common Exclusions

    While many or all of the named perils outlined above are protected against by homeowners insurance (depending on what plan you decide on), there are specific exclusions that aren’t covered by all-risk plans unless you include additional insurance coverage to your plan. If you reside in locations where any of these occurrences happen (floodings are a possible issue in San Marcos and several areas of Central Texas so flood insurance coverage may be sensible), it’s a great idea to discuss extra protection choices for these perils with your insurance agent.



    Power Failure


    War / Terrorism

    Intentional Acts

    Ordinance or Law

    Choosing the Ideal Home Insurance in Buda, TX

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      Selecting the right home insurance policy can be a daunting job. There are plenty of aspects to consider, such as your current economic situation. It is necessary to choose a plan that won’t adversely affect your present and future finances. On the other hand, you want to make certain you have adequate protection to safeguard your home in case of damages, or you might be looking at costly repair work that might not be covered.

      Regardless of what kind of home insurance coverage you pick to select, it is very important to make note of what your different deductibles will cost, as each insurance deductible can differ depending on what type of damage or loss has occurred.

      The best method to choose the appropriate balance of protection vs. cost is to speak with a dependable, local insurance agent. They can assist you with evaluating your options and review the prices and pros & cons of different plans to assist with crafting the ideal protection plan for your requirements, goals, and finances.

      You might be able to save even more on your homeowners policy if you combine it with other insurance coverage (such as automobile insurance), so make sure to look at these possibilities when you talk about insurance plan choices with your insurance company. If you’re searching for an insurance company in Buda that you can trust, Matt Patterson Insurance Agency is here to help. From home insurance to renters insurance, car insurance, to life insurance and business insurance, we’ve been proudly serving Texans across Buda and Central Texas for years. Call us today to review your requirements!

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