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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is a Must

Travel Insurance

Everyone prepares differently for domestic and international trips. However, even the best-planned trips can become a nightmare because of unforeseeable events like accidents. Having the best travel insurance plan will enable you to have a perfect vacation, whether you are traveling alone or with family. If you are wondering whether a travel insurance is worth the expense, consider the following reasons.

1. Lost or stolen Documents and Baggage

Losing your passport or your luggage is one of the worst situations you can find yourself in while traveling. However, you can get the assistance you need if you have travel insurance.

For example, the insurance company will compensate you for the missing belongings and the cost of acquiring a new passport. You can also buy the necessary items as you wait for the delayed luggage, and the insurance will pay you back.

2. Accidents and sickness are expensive in Foreign Land

Serious injuries and medical complications can arise when you are on vacation. Travel insurance is vital in such a situation because it will help you get medical attention immediately. Some emergency medical conditions will require you to be admitted to a hospital or be transported back to your home country for further assistance.

You will not have to worry about the expenses because the insurance will pay. Most insurance covers also include dental treatment because it is difficult to avoid sugary food when traveling to a new place.

3. Travel Delays and Interruptions

Factors like unfriendly weather conditions can cause flight delays and cancellations. Such incidents can interrupt your trip and cause many inconveniences. However, a travel insurance policy can cover you in such situations. It will enable you to concentrate on other aspects of the trip instead of worrying about how much the delay will cost you.

4. Mandatory Requirement

Several countries require visitors and citizens to have the best travel insurance. It would be unfortunate if you arrived at the immigration counter and learned that you could not enter the foreign land without travel insurance. In some cases, immigration officials at the embassy reject visa applications if the applicants do not have travel insurance documents.

The U.S Department of State always advises American travelers to have travel insurance to pay for emergencies. The officials can help you contact your friends or find legal assistance in case you experience an emergency abroad. However, the embassy will not pay anything for you. Therefore, you should check whether travel insurance is required for visitors in your destination country.

5. Fraudulent Charges

It is possible to lose your credit or debit card in a foreign land. This situation is scary and can cause you to lose your money. However, the travel insurance policy will refund you the money you lost about 12 hours before reporting the incident.


In summary, travel insurance should be one of the things that you pack when traveling locally or overseas. Different things can go wrong when going on a vacation or business trip. Having an insurance cover will protect you from these situations and ensure that you have a stress-free trip.

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